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Dragon Master

A DeFi powered card game for collectors, investors and players


Dragons exist in the wildlands, beyond the civilized world, and are generally avoided at all costs.
They are powerful, fearsome, mysterious, roaring and untameable creatures and
a human is most unlikely to survive an encounter with one!


Some intrepid fortune seekers venture into the wild lands in an attempt to find and steal a dragon egg.
If successful, they bring the egg back to human civilisation to sell it in the Dragon Master’s marketplace.

Gen 0

Gen0 (zero) eggs are the most valuable and are very hard to obtain. The number of these eggs is limited and Gen0 dragons will become rare compared to later generation dragons. In general Gen0 dragons will be the most highly prized of a Dragon-Master’s dragons. 

Gen X

GenX eggs can be obtained by breeding. You need 2 dragons for breeding. If you don’t own any dragons you can rent dragons for breeding. Breeding allows you to get access to ownership and expand your collection growing it in size and uniqueness.


Dragons originate from a single realm which characterises their physical appearance and innate capabilities. Originally born from an egg, dragons evolve in a slow process through different stages of maturity, adopting ever more capabilities along the way eventually culminating in becoming an immortal master dragon. 



Hydrodynamic and elegant shape, very fast swimmer, capable of staying under water for extended periods of time. 

Inhabits water dungeons in the coastal areas.

Dominant colours: blue tones, silver, grey.


Spiked design, inspired by the form of flames, fierce and burning character inhabiting the fire realm of volcanic and desert landscapes. Can endure very high temperatures, fast runner. 

Dominant colours: yellow, red and orange


Rounded design, bulkiest of all dragons, heavy and very strong. Can plow through earth, capable of hiding underground for long periods and fight or chop wood with the blade on his tail.
Lives in forests, caves and dens. 

Dominant colours: earth tones, beige, violet


Aerodynamic and flattened shape, excellent flying skills, fastest of all dragons, can remain in the air for as long as it can endure going without food or water.
Lives in nests on mountain tops and cliffs. 

Dominant colours: green, white and grey


The 4 realms are composed of two groups, the solid & earthbound Lithosphere, and the liquid and ethereal Hydro- & Atmosphere.


Fire Realm

Volcanos, Deserts 
& Caves
ephemeral, hot, transformational

Earth Realm

Forests, Rocks

& Dens

solid, dense, passive, fertile

Hydro- & Atmosphere

Water Realm

Oceans, Lakes & 

Water Dungeons

liquid, cool, adaptive, cleansing

Air Realm

Skies, Mountains, 

Cliffs & Nests

gaseous, light,

Dragon Masters

A Dragon Master is a human who owns ‘tamed’ dragons, typically it is their profession.  Dragon Masters may purchase dragon eggs, incubating the egg so that it hatches into a dragon (referred to as generation zero, or Gen0, dragon).  Gen0 dragons are ‘tameable’, with their own unique DNA and of unknown parentage. 

Become a Guild Member

In order to join Dragon Masters you need to be chosen by the