What are the conditions for getting whitelisted ?

Anyone is free to join, there are no restrictions

When will the initial sales of Gen0 eggs begin and how long will this initial sales last ?

The period of Gen0 egg sales is yet to be announced. It will last until all the minted Gen0 eggs are sold

How many Gen0 egg will there be ?

The amount of minted Gen0 eggs is yet to be announced. 

What will be the initial price for a Gen0 egg ?

Gen0 eggs will have an initial price of X ETH

Can dragons of different types breed ?

No, only dragons of the same typology can mate.

Can dragons of different maturity levels breed ?

No, only dragons of equal maturity level can mate

How many eggs result from breeding between 2 dragons ?

Dragons mating can result in 3 different egg outcomes: 0 eggs (no dragon got pregnant), 1 egg (only on dragon got pregnant), 2 eggs (both dragons got pregnant)

What is the likelyhood for a dragon to become pregnant ?

While the details are still being worked on, there are mainly 2 criteria for successful breeding: maturity levels combined with a certain randomness. A more detailed explanation is yet to be announced.  

What is a Dragon Grandmaster and how can I become one ?

This information is restricted to Dragon Masters who have evolved with the project far enough to learn more about the requirements to become a Grandmaster

How does renting and lending work ?

(Mark’s explanation here – what do they need to know?)

What is the price for renting a dragon ?

There are no limitations to the rental price, it is at the sole discretion of the owner to decide the rental price. 

How does the integration with Compound work ?

(Mark’s explanation here – what do they need to know?)

What is the annual interest rate for the renting deposit ?

(Mark’s explanation here – what do they need to know?)