About the Game

Become a Dragon Master

Dragon Masters bootstraps its game by providing distinct periods of access to cumulatively growing game functionality for a select group of early adopters.


Get access !

Early adopters will get whitelisted and obtain access to exclusive promotional offers for acquiring the first minted Dragon Master NFTs. In the process they become members of the Dragon Masters Guild


Become an owner

Guild members will be given exclusive access to the Marketplace where during a private sales period they will be offered the opportunity to buy and become the owner of one of the limited and unique Gen0 eggs.


Learn the game

Eggs will enter the incubation period and once complete will hatch into a newborn Dragon converting the owner into a certified Dragon Master. Caretaking and other actions will enable dragons to evolve through the various stages of maturity.


Cash out !

Evolving through the maturity levels Dragons increase in value. Once earned the title of Dragon Master the owner can decide anytime to sell his Dragons or Eggs on the marketplace.
Lending a dragon to another gamer is also actioned via the marketplace.

Game Play overview

JOIN Whitelisting Apply --- Guild Member
OWN Private Sale Buy Gen0 egg Egg Egg owner
PLAY Incubation Care taking Hatchling Egg carer
PLAY Hatchling Care taking Adolescent Owner
PLAY Adolescent Care taking Young Adult Owner
PLAY Breed Incubate Egg Breeder
PLAY Egg Care taking Hatchling Dragon Master
EARN Marketplace Sell Egg or Dragon Dragon Master
EARN Marketplace Lend Dragon Dragon Master

Evolution of Dragon Maturity

Unique Dragon Master NFTs evolve from the initial egg all the way to becoming an immortal Dragon. Time and dedicated game play actions allow to speed up the evolutionary process.

Dragon Masters Guild

The DMG joins all participants of the game into a single space
promoting a lively debate around the future of the game